About the Tottori Okayama Shimbashikan

The neighboring prefectures of Tottori and Okayama join together to introduce the charm of their home towns to everyone!

The spirit of “Momotenashi”

Okayama prefecture is known for peaches or “momo”, while Tottori prefecture is known for pears or “nashi”.
The two prefectures which each produce delicious fruit which color the seasons of Japan operate a pilot shop together.

Combining these “momo” and “nashi” with a feeling of “omotenashi” or hospitality toward everyone, we made the concept of this pilot shop “momotenashi”.

We have assembled a line-up of products and cuisine to provide “momotenashi” to the people who visit so they can feel close to their home town even while in Tokyo.

We hope you will please come to experience our sincere “momotenashi”.

1F Pilot shop
Pilot shop
This shop features products which allow you to feel “Tottori and Okayama” while in Tokyo, from fresh fruits and vegetables to special products and folk crafts.
【Business Hours】10:00~21:00
【TEL】03-6280-6474 【FAX】03-6228-5066


2F Bistro Cafe Momotenashiya
Bistro Cafe Momotenashiya image
Professional chefs provide “momotenashi” using seasonal ingredients from “Tottori and Okayama”.
【Business Hours】11:00~22:00(Last Order 21:00)
【TEL】03-6280-6475 【FAX】03-6280-6101

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Tottori Okayama Shimbashikan homepage


Tottori Okayama ShimbashikanShimbashi Center Place 1F/2F, 1−11−7, Shimbashi, Minato-ku, Tōkyō-to,

Transportation Information

  • ・Immediately after exiting "Shimbashi" Station on Tokyo Metro Ginza Line, (Exit No. 3 ※Directly connected to building)
  • ・1 minute walk from JR "Shimbashi" Station (Ginza Exit)
  • ・2 minute walk from "Shimbashi" Station on the Toei Asakusa Line
  • ・3 minute walk from "Shimbashi" Station on the Yurikamome Line
  • 鳥取
  • 岡山
  • 日比谷しまね館
  • 広島ブランドショップTAU
  • おいでませ山口館
  • せとうち旬彩館
  • まるごと高知